Providing a place where we can live reconciled to God and each other.
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Indian Lake Nazarene Camp

Providing an environment for making Christ-like disciples.

Indian Lake Nazarene Camp (ILNC) began in 1926 when 32 acres were purchased by the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene. Today, 200+ acres of property are nestled on the shoreline of Indian Lake in Kalamazoo County near Vicksburg, MI.

Our mission is to provide a place where we can live reconciled with God and each other. Our desire is for this to be a place where all encounter God’s love and live in unity.


We offer hotel style rooms, group dorms, rustic cabins, RV lots, camping sites, recreational  activities, meeting spaces and dining facilities for the various camping, meeting and training needs of our families, residents and clients.  Many of our activities allow families to draw away from the busyness of normal life just to be together.  These are the times that make great memories and help families prioritize their relationships.


For decades boys and girls, youth and adults have been coming to these grounds to grow in relationship with God and one another. It is a true delight to hear the stories of old shared about memories made here during camps, family gatherings or just a weekend spent with friends.


As soon as you join us on the grounds, it can become, “our camp”. We invite you to make ILNC your camp. We believe each person deserves dignity and love because we are created in God’s image and designed to flourish in relationships. We want everyone to enjoy the reconciliation available through Christ and to live out the benefits of reconciliation by how we treat each other.


Please come to ILNC!  We would like to serve you and have you be a part of the family. Feel free to take a look at all we have to offer! Give us a call to reserve your event or to make an appointment for a tour of our grounds and facilities.


We love this place and we believe you will, too!


We look forward to serving you,

Your Indian Lake Nazarene Camp Staff


Our History

During the 1922 Assembly for the Michigan District Church of the Nazarene it was decided that the church was in need of a place to hold their camp meetings. A Camp Meeting Committee was formed to find a suitable site for the district. During the 1926 District Assembly held in Flint an outpouring of the spirit led the committee to go inspect a piece of property for sale near a little town called Vicksburg. The men left the meeting that night and reported back to the assembly the next day. The assembly voted to buy the piece of property that we call Indian Lake Nazarene Camp today.

Within a year a Tabernacle was built that held a thousand people and by the next summer it was full of people. The children loved the summers at the Lake and the parents enjoyed the holiness preaching. Indian Lake Nazarene Camp quickly became a favorite destination for many families who would spend two weeks during the summer living in tents.
As time progressed so did the campgrounds. More property was bought and added over the years. Cabins took the place of tents, asphalt replaced the dusty roads, the dining hall replaced the hours of mom cooking throughout the week, and modern utilities made life a little easier for those staying at the campground. 
While the campground may look a little different from when it was purchased in 1926, there is one thing that has not changed. Indian Lake Nazarene Camp provides a place where we can live reconciled with God and each other. Children and youth leave our camps changed and renewed by the Holy Spirit. Revivals and Camp Meetings are transforming lives through holiness teaching and preaching every year.  Families come to camp and reconnect with God and each other.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide a place where we can live reconciled with God and each other. We offer hotel rooms, cabins and dorms for rent that are perfect for any size of family or group. If you have an RV, you are welcome to rent space for a few days or weeks to enjoy our grounds. We also have properties to sell for year round living. We offer many activities that allow families to draw away from the hustle and bustle of electronic life. Although, if you still need wifi, we have that, too. Explore the rest of our website for all we have to offer. Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.